Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Celebrations – starting with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday to Christmas-mark the busiest shopping season of the year. With Thanksgiving, just two weeks away offers remarkable opportunities for small businesses to bolster their marketing strategies. Along with enhanced gratitude for life’s blessings, increased retail expenditure is also noted during this period. Therefore, in order to compete as a small business owner in this competitive business space during this holiday season, you have to come up with irresistible deals and discounts.

Gear up for this great shopping bonanza with tips, tactics and all innovative things you could ever imagine to scale up your Thanksgiving revenues and strengthen your brand image.

Thanks giving day
Pre-Thanksgiving thank you cards for customers

A little gesture of appreciation for your customers can convey a long-term customer dedication. Therefore, express your gratitude by sending out thank you cards to all your dearest customers. Handing out a thank you card even to your soon-to-be customers can have a straight influence on your business sales. However, be authentic by not being over promotional.

Donate to charitable trusts

Contributing to others may, in turn, help you gain increased business revenues and charitable organizations come a big way in doing so. Offering a small portion of your Thanksgiving revenues to charities, pushes your business sales up, apart from intensifying your business reputation. Thus, a kind promotion can definitely bring your business into the limelight and unfailingly attract more customers.

Offer small rewards

Gift approach is an excellent way to amplify your business sales as offering assured rewards for a definite purchase amount, excite customers to buy more. Besides, they feel pleased. However, if you want your brand to get through more people, do not forget to include your company name or logo on or with your giveaways.

Lure your customers by running contests

Getting social and running a Thanksgiving-themed contest in your store or over your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., can pull in hordes of customers and thus amplify your business grosses.  Involve and connect with your customers or fans by holding exciting and rewarding contests. Giveaway prizes to the competition winners and shares the enthusiasm over your business pages. This makes your business more accessible and thus you get more followers, spreading your brand.

Optimizing your business promotion strategy to boost profits is essential. However, it is also understandable that as a small business owner, you may be short on cash to finance your marketing movement. If you need business financing to deal with the associated marketing expenses during the holiday season, Thanksgiving Day Special-Business Loans may help. There are plenty of holiday loan lenders in the lending marketplace. You can either apply for small business loans from banks or get a merchant cash advance from direct business lenders online. However, applying for working capital online is quick, flexible, easy, and convenient with no collateral requirement and credit checks. Therefore, avail unsecured cash advance online that gives instant access to money and help endorse your small business successfully during Thanksgiving.