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Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a business cash advance?

A business cash advance is a short term (typically 4 to 12 months) financing solution based on purchasing your future sale receivables. The business cash advance can be used for any business purpose.

How much can I get?

You can qualify for a business cash advance amount up to $2M depending on business monthly revenue and annual performance.

How do I know if I qualify?

Minimum requirements for qualification are at least 1 year in business and a steady monthly cash flow of at least $15,000 in monthly revenue.

What do I need when applying?

Prior to applying (online or by phone), please have the following information at hand:
  • Average monthly gross sales figures
  • Average monthly credit card sales figures
  • Business address and a valid contact email
  • Business Federal Tax ID / EIN
  • Last 4 months of business checking statements
In addition, we may need the following depending on the amount of the business cash advance offered or requested.
  • Credit card transaction processing statements
  • Lease agreement or landlord contact information
  • Business license
  • Federal / State professional license
  • Business Tax Returns for prior tax year
  • Business Year-To-Date financial documents (P&L, etc.)

How do I apply?

Business owners can apply now online or call us at 800-821-6460. You'll know within 24 hours after submitting a signed application and financial statements whether you qualify and how much capital you're eligible to receive.

Are there any costs to apply?

No. Our quotes and application process are completely free.

What type of businesses does Business Capital USA work with?

We worked with all types of industries and businesses across the United States.

What is the cost of a business cash advance?

We charge a simple "factoring rate" based on the amount of funding, the term and the financial strength of your business.

Does my personal credit score matter?

We look at your business performance, not just your personal credit, to get you approved and qualified for up to $2M.

How long does it take to receive funds?

The funds can be deposited into your business checking account in as little 1 business day after funding approval.

How does repayment work?

Payments are automatically deducted from your bank business checking account via ACH debit. No need to mail payment checks. Our simple daily or weekly repayment solution provide business owners more flexibility to manage their cash flow.
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